Company Mission & Vision

“WholeTrees grows prosperous relationships with forests and communities.”

Re-Branding Round Timber: WholeTrees re-brands round timber for urban and commercial environments in place of steel. Started in 2007, this company brings small-diameter forest thinnings to the construction industry, and plans to license its tech solutions to the forest products industry.

WholeTrees provides

  • Architectural services for custom applications of timber in construction;
  • Engineering and consultation for a wide variety of timber construction;
  • Project management and sub-contracting for WholeTrees timber component installation; and
  • Sales of modular commercial structural building systems that can replace steel with comparable prices, cheaper LEED credits, and faster installation.
  • Cutting-edge Research and Development of technologies that will enable the forest products industry to sell round timber to the construction industry, making buildings stronger and forests profitable.

The company’s innovative business model adds value to an abundant natural resource, small diameter round timber.

It then reinvests this resource back into a region’s construction needs …

  • sourcing building materials from regional forests,
  • employing rural communities,
  • leading a regional market for round timber structures, and
  • constructing the cutting-edge in environmental certification with every new project

Company History

Roald Gundersen, AIA and Amelia Baxter founded WholeTrees in 2007, because of national acclaim and growing markets for Gundersen’s design/build firm, Roald Gundersen Design (est. 1991). Gundersen was using un-milled timbers as structural building systems in ways new to the construction industry.

WholeTrees has since succeeded in:

  • bringing to market its unique use of round timber,
  • raising federal reserach dollars for a modular commercial product line,
  • and additional R&D funds for the digital technologies that will allow the Forest Products Industry to access a growing demand for round timber in place of steel.